FS19 | New Equipment Mods (2019-05-24) – review

FS19 | New Equipment Mods (2019-05-24) - review

Farming Simulator 19
New Equipment Mods (2019-05-24) – review
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Garage With Workshoptrigger

This is a placeable garage.Windows, roof and door are already mounted to the garage.A workshop trigger is also there.
Changelog New Textures

Fliegl Dolly

This 2 axle dolly can come in handy in various ways, first of this dolly can be attached to the in game MAN TGX MAN TGX 26.640.
With it’s “loose” drawbar it will follow the truck/tractor in even the most rough terrains.

Price: 4000
Color configurations

Fliegl Manure Fork

Price: 700
Working width: 2,050 m
Capacity: 1140 l

Silopress 33

Working width: 3.3m
Mass: 2.500kg
Price: 6500

Agri Convoi

3 point attachable tool
Price: 300

WheelLoader To Trailer Adapter

The adapter provides the ability to mount a tool with a different bracket than what is on the loader.
The adapter is made with a very strong framework for the tough, lever locking and lubricating cups for easy lubrication.

Price: 7500

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