FS19 | 2018 Mack Anthem 48″ Sleeper by Custom Modding – review

FS19 | 2018 Mack Anthem 48" Sleeper by Custom Modding - review

Farming Simulator 19 | Custom Modding
2018 Mack Anthem 48″ Sleeper – review
original mod link:
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(Release) (PC only) 2018 Mack Anthem 48″ Sleeper

– 6 engine options
– 3 wheel options
– Aero kit, Bullbar, Mirror, Visor and Sideskirt options

ATS Truck Model: Franck Peru
Street Tires: Ben Austin (Expendables Modding)
Heavy Haul Tires: David Frustuoso (Expendables Modding)
Convert, Scripting, UDIM, Textures, ingaming for FS19:
Stephan Beran (Custom Modding)

Why won’t this be available for console?

Obviously we always want our mods available on all platforms, not everyone have money to buy a good PC. But this is not the reality. For the mod to be console approved, Giants needs an agreement (contract) with the manufacturer, this goes for: tractors, trucks, equipments, tires, etc. Many people believe it can be launched under the brand name Lizard, but no, they will not accept models with the generic Lizard brand. The design is registered and valid for all types of equipment, so the manufacturer can complain to Giants about possible design piracy or misuse.
Another problem is the amount of polygons in the models. In the console amount has to be limited (lowpoly models with few details). This model is very thin, high polygon count, which is not allowed.
I hope you understand.

The Official GAME website: http://www.farming-simulator.com

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