Multiplayer Farming with Helge – Session 8 | Farming Simulator 19 | FS19

Multiplayer Farming with Helge - Session 8 | Farming Simulator 19 | FS19

This Mutliplayer Session was Streamed Live on Twitch on 10th July 2019. — Watch live at

This was the 8th session recorded on my own dedicated multiplayer server. I join Helge on the Farm midway through doing an Onion Harvest. New Guy Peter is for some odd reason only mowing grass round our farm animal pens for absolutely no point or purpose. We have big grass fields if he wants to mow that bad, and we have the Krone Mower he could use which is a lot more productive then strapping Novacats on a tractor. Also at some point I think he started trolling me, it started with him constantly driving at and into me any time I was near the farm and then the worst moment, when I was trying to empty milk from the cows to take and sell, he reset my tanker back to the store and lost us 75,000 litres of Milk worth nearly £125,000. So please any people out there thinking of joining the server and playing with us, please be aware I only want people who will behave like grown ups.

The map chosen is the Dondiego Map, which I detailed setting up in other videos that can be found on the channel. In this video I’m joined by channel subscriber and twitch subscriber Helge and we do a mixture of harvesting, cultivating, seeding, lime spreading and pretty much all the jobs we needed to do on our fields and sell off the product of our harvest to try and counter the £28,000 we’re losing each day in loan interest from borrowing the £1 Million at the server start.

The server does need more players and can support up to 10 players at a time. If you wish to join in the fun on this map, and get featured in the videos, you’ll need to join my Discord Server, as that’ll give you the link to download the mod pack, which much be installed other wise you’ll not be able to access the server. You’ll also need to join my Discord Server, as you’ll need to be able to receive the password for the server to be able to join it in game. Obviously for security reasons I won’t post the server password here in the video description or comment section. So head over to my discord at:

I hope to use this Farming Simulator 19 Multiplayer Server to record a Multiplayer Let’s Play series and hopefully will have the support my YouTube & Twitch Subscribers. To join this server you will need to join the Discord Server as you’ll need to be able to communicate what days and times you are available to play, so I can schedule the server to be running when most players are active.

I have picked the Dondiego Map, it is a 4x Map which makes it ideal for Multiplayer, and it also has a variety of field sizes and shapes, which makes it more appealing then some of the US-Themed Maps I looked at in Map First Look Videos.

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